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Common Effort 2017

Scenario: Iraq

“Building Trust for Stability”

The Common Effort Exercise 2017 will focus on the region of Iraq and will take place in Berlin. Various experts from Humanitarian, Relief and Development Organizations, the military, German and Dutch ministries but also local experts from Iraq will take part in the exercise in order work together under this year’s motto: “BUILDING TRUST FOR STABILITY”.

In January 2017, a small group of experts from the Common Effort Community gathered in a first Knowledge Development & Assessment Workshop to come up with suitable theme group topics and exercise objectives. This year’s exercise focuses on the following theme group topics: 

  1. Reconciliation
  2. Security & Civil-Military Cooperation
  3. Development / Basic Services
  4. Governance (incl. SSR & Transparency)
  5. Humanitarian Situation & Relief
  6. Regional Actors’ Influence on Iraq

The topics below will be part to every theme group and are therefore considered cross-cutting topics:

  • Inclusiveness (incorporation of gender- related needs and resources)
  • Ethnicities (diversity based on common ancestral, language, social, or cultural roots)
  • Refugees and IDPs
  • Human rights

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