Common Effort Community

Common Effort 2018

The Hague: June 4. – 8. 2018

Scenario: Tunisia and its region

“Exploring global approaches for Tunisia and its region”.

The 2018 joint effort exercise took place in The Hague from June 4 to 8, 2018.

The exercise took place at the NATO Civil-Military Cooperation Center of Excellence (CCOE) in The Hague.

Address Place of business:
Brasserskade 227a
2497 NX, The Hague

The Common Effort Community high-level event took place on June 7 at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague.

Address of high-level event venue:
Rijnstraat 8
2515 XP, The Hague

This year, the focus was on the situation in Tunisia and the surrounding region. Participants from IOs, NGOs, ministries, the military, think tanks and research institutes worked together and shared their experiences in various thematic groups.

  • Thematic Group 1: Social perspectives
  • Thematic Group 2: Economic outlook
  • Thematic Group 3: Inventive media
  • Thematic Group 4: Security Sector Reform (SSR)
  • Thematic Group 5: Strategic importance
  • Thematic Group 6: Good governance
  • Thematic Group 7: Linking security and safety threats

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Several expert meetings provided the necessary information on the situation in Tunisia. The aim was to draw up proposals for potential and innovative follow-up actions for future cooperation within the Community of Joint Effort.

At the high-level event, the above-mentioned proposals for follow-up action were presented to high-level representatives from ministries, IOs, NGOs and the military. In addition, interesting speeches and networking opportunities provided further input for the participants.

For the first time at the strategic level, the high-level Joint Effort Community event was combined with the Global Perspectives Meeting (GPM) and the NATO CIMIC Center of Excellence (CCOE) CIMIC Excellence Award Ceremony.

Five new member organizations decided to join the Joint Effort Community at the annual signing ceremony. At present, the Joint Effort Community comprises 56 member and observer organizations.

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