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Common Effort 2019

Berlin: 14 – 18. October 2019


“Exploring comprehensive approaches”

Common Effort reshaped its agenda in 2019 by introducing a three-year regional focus on the G5 Sahel region. This new focus is in line with the policy priorities of Germany and the Netherlands with regard to foreign relations, security and development.

In Berlin, Common Effort 2019 for the first time focused on the G5 Sahel area. This new three-year regional focus is allowing the Common Effort Community a more in-depth engagement with the challenges and opportunities of the G5 Sahel region, thus unlocking the full potential of the Common Effort Community. 

The ninth annual Common Effort week took place in Berlin from 14 to 18 October 2019. The modular program offered the opportunity to participate in events like working groups, keynote speeches and the High Level Event depending on area of interest and level of expertise. The program offered a variety of interrelated topics. Participants worked on topics such a youth and women empowerment, border management, education and innovation for stability and development and many more.   

The list below shows the wide range of themes being discussed in different working groups.

  • The G5 Sahel Force and the comprehensive approach
  • Innovation for stability in the Sahel: How can innovation be used for stability in the Sahel?
  • The G5 Sahel Joint Force – police – justice nexus on strengthening regional military, police and judicial cooperation within civil society as a whole
  • Gender, peace and security in the Sahel region: Women’s empowerment in relation to stability
  • How to strengthen a comprehensive approach in the cooperation of border communities and to improve integrated border management?
  • Any long-term solution to the Sahel stability and security crisis will require understanding and addressing not only the pathways to violence, but also the capacities that support youth in remaining peaceful and involved in the security of their countries
  • International peace operations: Contribution to peace and stability in the Sahel region with special emphasis on civilian capacities and its impact
  • The creation and influence of narratives and counter-narratives, focusing on (political) disinformation
  • Review of the “Early Warning / Early Action” Pilot in Burkina Faso, a project by PAX in close cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The regional and thematic focus on the G5 Sahel region is continuing in 2020 in The Hague, from 15 to 19 June 2020. Common Effort 2020 will continue to build on the knowledge and efforts of Common Effort 2019.

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