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Common Effort Knowledge Development Workshop 2019

Summary of speakers

Martin van Vliet, Sahel Team Coordinator of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, introduced the participants into the conflict dynamics of the Sahel region. He discussed both long term and recent drivers of conflict and the fragmented security response.

LtCol André Schoofs of Germany’s MFA gave an overview of Germany’s efforts on preventing crises, resolving conflicts and building peace. He discussed the different programs and instruments of the German MFA and emphasized the integrated approach of the German government towards its security and development efforts in the Sahel region.

French Col Bernard Poupon of 1GNC gave an overview of the French military perspective on the Sahel region. Based on his experiences during Operations Cerval and Barhkhane, he stressed the importance that only a comprehensive approach can lead to a solution of the current crisis. France played an important role in establishing the regional joint security force of the G5 (FC G5 Sahel).

LtCol Swen Heinrichs discussed the coordination efforts of the EU through its Coordination Hub for G5 based in Brussels. This mechanism provides member states and other actors on a regular basis with information on latest developments regarding the support to Joint Force of G5 and coordinates closely with the Alliance Sahel, the platform of donors that seeks to coordinate development efforts for the Sahel. Germany supports the secretariat of Alliance Sahel that is established within GIZ Office in Brussels.

The following topics could be further explored – potentially through the Common Effort platform

  • ​How to complement national state security and regional security cooperation with local security mechanisms and intercommunity dialogue?
  • How can civil-military cooperation contribute to the Joint Force Sahel becoming an efficient and legitimate regional military force?
  • How could Common Effort contribute to an integrated conflict prevention strategy for Burkina Faso?
  • More conflict sensitive programming of development efforts by focusing on groups and regions at risk and involving of youth in peace and security initiatives.
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