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Common Effort Conference 2023

Destabilization, propaganda narratives and comprehensive countermeasures were the topics of the Common Effort Conference 2023 WEST AFRICA AS AN ARENA OF GEOPOLITICAL CONFLICTS in Berlin, June 13th, 2023. The one-day high-level meeting brought together security experts, policy makers, development organizations, and research institutions to discuss the violent spillover effects from the Sahel region into the Gulf […]

The Common Effort Project 2022+

Resilience does not have a telephone number Since 2020 it was the first time that Common Effort was able to host again an event with physical participation. What do we collectively need to do to improve regional and national resilience in times of hybrid threats and collective defense? How can civil and military organizations work […]

Countering Disinformation in Senegal – Kick-off for the Common Effort project

The security situation in the West African Sahel region has been deteriorating for years: The increasing influence of armed Islamist groups has destabilized the region and several neighbouring countries. It has led to refugee movements and political upheavals, for example in Mali, Niger, Guinea and Burkina Faso. Spill-over effects can now also be seen in […]

Common Effort Sahel Report 2021

Common Effort Sahel Report 2021handed over to Ministries Since 2019 the Common Effort Community has deeply elaborated on the socio-economic, environmental and governance related conflict dynamics as well as security and development connections and actions of national and international actors in the G5 Sahel countries (Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger). The results and recommendations […]

Common Effort 2020

The Hague: 19 – 22 October 2020 3-YEAR FOCUS ON SAHEL (G5) AREA “Exploring comprehensive approaches” Common Effort has reshaped its agenda in 2019 by introducing a three-year regional focus in line with the policy priorities on foreign relations, security and development of Germany and the Netherlands. From 2019 to 2021 Common Effort will focus […]

Common Effort 2019

Berlin: 14 – 18. October 2019 3-YEAR FOCUS ON SAHEL (G5) AREA “Exploring comprehensive approaches” Common Effort reshaped its agenda in 2019 by introducing a three-year regional focus on the G5 Sahel region. This new focus is in line with the policy priorities of Germany and the Netherlands with regard to foreign relations, security and […]

Common Effort Knowledge Development Workshop 2019

Summary of speakers Martin van Vliet, Sahel Team Coordinator of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, introduced the participants into the conflict dynamics of the Sahel region. He discussed both long term and recent drivers of conflict and the fragmented security response. LtCol André Schoofs of Germany’s MFA gave an overview of Germany’s efforts on […]

Common Effort 2018

The Hague: 4. – 8. June 2018 Scenario: Tunisia & its region “Exploring comprehensive approaches towards Tunisia and its region” The Common Effort Exercise 2018 took place in The Hague from 4th June until 8th June 2018. The Exercise took place at the CCOE (NATO Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence) in The Hague.  Address Exercise Location:Brasserskade 227a2497 NX, […]

Common Effort 2017

Scenario: Iraq “Building Trust for Stability” The Common Effort Exercise 2017 will focus on the region of Iraq and will take place in Berlin. Various experts from Humanitarian, Relief and Development Organizations, the military, German and Dutch ministries but also local experts from Iraq will take part in the exercise in order work together under […]

Common Effort 2016

“LYBIA REGION AND REFUGEE/MIGRANT FLOWS” The Common Effort Exercise 2016 focused on the Lybia region, including migrant/refugee flows due to the topicality and the UN’s, EU’s and NATO’s role in reacting on increased migration. From 27 June to 1 July 2016, the Common Effort Community gathered, this time in the city of The Hague. The […]

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